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Way back….

Clare, Sophie, Trev and Simon went to Manchester University to study Drama.  

Decades later they team up again to bring you Strangeness in Space… 

Now we have have reached our Epic Season Finale

Scroll down and find out more about our Strange Cast & Crew!


Sophie Aldred


Sophie played the role of Ace, companion to the Seventh Doctor, from 1987-1989. Even after the original series was cancelled, the character of Ace lived on through books and comics and, when Big Finish launched their line of Doctor Who audios in 1999, Sophie returned to play the character once again.

Sophie earned her Equity card performing in working men’s clubs and then worked in children’s theatre and musicals before being cast in Doctor Who. Since then she’s worked on a variety of TV shows and her extensive voice work also includes animated programs such as Dennis and Gnasher, Bananas in Pyjamas, Peter Rabbit, and as Tom in Tree Fu Tom. In fact, in Tree Fu Tom, someone called David Tennant plays her sidekick!


Trev & Simon

Actors & Writers

Their multitude of character creations on GOING LIVE! and LIVE & KICKING became legends, whether it was Don & Dougie Draper (We Don’t Do Duvets); Ken & Eddie Kennedy, the Barbers (We Don’t Do Perms) or The Singing Corner (Swing your Pants).

They’ve continued to work both together and separately, as writers and performers, in adult and children’s tv; whether hitting the jackpot on Pointless Celebrities for BBC TV; as comedy consultants and voicing two series of the 26 part comedy clip series Super Matrak for Disney, or a variety of shows for CBBC, CBeebies and CITV for children of all ages, as well as their own film script Fast Boy for Kindle Entertainment.


Clare Eden


Clare worked for thirteen years as an Actors’ Agent at the Mayer & Eden agency, followed by 7 years as an Agent at the Clare Vidal-Hall agency working with Directors, Designers & Lighting Designers. In each case representing a number of Academy, Emmy, Olivier, Tony & Bafta Award winning clients as well as young clients at the start of a blossoming career.

She now works in an eclectic variety of related areas; as consultant to freelancers; running social media pages for clients, and as administrator of the John Thaw Foundation. She was producer on the fan-funded sci-fi fantasy drama series The Minister of Chance, gathering an all-star cast and an international fanbase. The series won a Parsec Award in USA, and was nominated for the BBC Audio Awards.



Trevor Neal, Simon Hickson and Sophie Aldred as ‘Trev’ and ‘Simon’ and ‘Sophie’


David Annen as Jeremy

Barnaby Edwards as L.E.M.O.N.

(Linguistically Enhanced Mobile Operations Network)

Doon Mackichan as Bounty Flightingale

Sarah Madigan as M.A.D.I.

(Monographic Announcement & Description Interface)

Special Guest in Episode One: Featherheads

Gary Cousins as our ‘Mirthling Voice’

Special Guests in Episode Two: The Five

Carol Cleveland as Dr When

Peter Guinness as Dr Scarifium

Rufus Hound as Atrocious Knocious

Special Guests in Episode Three: Step Back in Time

Alexei Sayle as Keith Keys

introducing Alfred Palser as ‘Walkie Talkie Tony’ & Clare Hitchcock as ‘Tannoy Jane’

Special Guests in Episode Four: Pet Shock Boys

Isobel Collingwood as Hubble

Paterson Joseph as The Puppy Master

with Chrissy Boy Sharp as our ‘Mirthling Voice’

Special Guests in Part 1 of our Season Finale: Home is Where The Heart Is

Katy Brand as Professor Nicole Petite

Sally Phillips as as Dr Nicky Shipp

Sylvester McCoy as Nigel Metheringham

with Jayn Staniford as our ‘Mirthling Voice’

and special appearances by Jim Armstrong & Dave Palser

Special Guests in Part 1 of our Season Finale: Home is Where The Heart Is

Sarah Greene as Joanne McBride

Sylvester McCoy as Nigel Metheringham

introducing Inigo Pilkington Massey as Vitas Varnas

with Andrew Hsieh as our ‘Mirthling Voice’

and special appearances by Dave Palser


Producer: Clare Eden
Soundscape Design: Dave Palser
Sound Recording: Jim Armstrong, Marcus Jay, Chris Mock & Philip Matejtschuk
Web Design: Bruce Collingwood
Logo & Illustrations: Lee Sullivan

‘Executive Producer’: Eps 3&4: Andy Wood

‘Associate Producers’ Eps 1&2: Scott Bechthold, Sharon Dominey, John Gleaves

‘Associate Producers’ Eps 3&4: Frazer Price, Mavvy Vasquez

‘Associate Producers’ Series Finale: Andrea Miles, Darren King, David Soloman, David Strbavy, Kirsty & Kim Pawley,
Marc & Jayne France, Mavvy Vasquez, Rik Kershaw-Moore, Shaun Watchorn, Ted Blair

Pink Custard’s Music by Trevor Neal & Dave Palser with Etta Williams
Pink Custard’s Lyrics by Trevor Neal & Simon Hickson

with thanks to Soho Square Studios and Blair Productions for their help

And of course, to everyone who tweeted and shared on social media

as well as those who bought the perks that helped us fund this!