Strangeness in Space | Sophie’s Signed Script! (Draw)
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Sophie’s Signed Script! (Draw)

£ 2.50

This is Sophie’s script for Episode Two: THE FIVE.  Yep, her actual script from recording; complete with her pencil markings and signed by her.

A tip-top piece of production memorabilia! One of your names will be randomly selected by the now infamous Random Number Selector and we will find a new home for it .. Each time you buy a £2.50 Token your name will go into the mix – if you buy two places in one go (so £5) we’ll add a third for free … and you can buy as many goes as you like.

Every time you do so you will also be helping us to make a bit more of the Finale Part 2 so your name also goes onto our Mirthling Roll of Honour  (but just the once!).


Sophie marked the script as we recorded – she made marks for her own reference, but also to log those characters not in a scene as she recorded.

A tip-top piece of production memorabilia!