Strangeness in Space | Trev-Simon-Sophie-Clare Signed Photos!!!
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Trev-Simon-Sophie-Clare Signed Photos!!!

£ 15.00 £ 10.00

Our  Trev-Simon-Sophie-Clare Signed Artcards and Photos are all reduced to £10  – and if you want it personalised to you, or to someone as a present, just let us know! When you order, add a customer note saying which one you want.

Choose from

  • our Original Strange Logo: signed by Trev, Simon, Sophie and producer Clare
  • Team Strange photograph: signed by Trev, Simon, Sophie and producer Clare
  • Our Rocketship image: signed by Trev, Simon, Sophie and producer Clare
  • our Bohemian Rhapsody inspired shot: signed by Trev, Simon, Sophie and producer Clare
  • Our Ace of Space photo signed by Sophie

The price includes UK postage and click DESCRIPTION bar below for further details on how to order from abroad.


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All these Artcards are signed by Sophie, Trev and Simon, and our Producer Clare !

Choose from one of these and send us a ‘Customer Message‘ letting us know which of these

  • our Original Strange Logo by acclaimed artist Lee Sullivan
  • Team Strange photograph – at least three of us knew what we were doing!
  • Our Rocketship image – designed by the wonderful Dave Palser
  • Our Bohemian Rhapsody inspired shot created with the help of Mirthling Ian Knight
  • Our Ace of Space card signed by Sophie
  • UK postage included but if you live outside the UK please put an extra £1 through for Europe, £2 through for USA and £3 for Australia & ROW – you can do it here.