Strangeness in Space | You did it Mirthlings!!!!!
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You did it Mirthlings!!!!!

You did it Mirthlings!!!!!

You did it Mirthlings… you took us to our £5k target and beyond it to £5,134.49.

I think you will really enjoy what Trev and Simon have done with the Episode 4 script.  Personally I love that each episode has felt like it has its own personality; and they have nailed that again in ‘Pet Shock Boys’.

As you know we’ve been recording as much as we could as we’ve gone along and most of it is in the can (not an actual can but you get my point).  Dave is full of exciting and typically innovative ideas on how to create this soundscape – he thinks it’s the most complex yet and you will see why when you hear it. Which I hope will be soon!

Paterson Joseph’s Puppy Master is sublime. … and I know Sophie is delighted with a storyline they introduce for her in Ep4. So on this sunny day in South West London I take mahoosive pleasure in announcing that we can now make it for you!

My next job is to get all the perks processed: some will go out tomorrow and some need to be ordered.  The Tee-shirts will be custom-ordered after this weekend; the Lee Sullivan Artwork draw will be made tonight and the Mirthling Voice Draw will be made sometime next week.

The extra £134.49 has already been invested in some more publicity material (flyers/cards etc) so we can continue promoting the series to new Mirthlings!  Our Strange future will depend on being able to keep moving news of it out to new people so do please keep spreading the word when you can.

We’ll keep the shop open on the website and any funds from now on will be gratefully received to help us continue moving things forward.  As you can imagine I am very tightly budgeted in my target and there are always unexpected extras as well as ongoing costs.

All of this – literally all of this is made possible by having a magnificent team working on it, and a magnificent team supporting it.  Thank you for letting us bring you “Pet Shock Boys”.

Love Execcer x

PS: Our list of supporters on Ep4 is here – do please check we’ve spelt your name right!

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