Strangeness in Space | where are we up to now?
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where are we up to now?

where are we up to now?

A year ago a pretty hungover Simon and Sophie and I had breakfast in Jennie McAlpine’s ‘Annie’s’, just behind the Royal Exchange in Manchester… not a state we tend to find ourselves in nowadays but we were recovering from our all-day drama department reunion the day before, and her brunch was just what we needed!!  And this was a perfect opportunity for me to bring up something I’d been pondering upon since I saw them working together at BritSciFi in Leicester in March.

We should work together on a podcast audiodrama together, and with Trev (who hadn’t been able to make the reunion the day before but had been there in spirit).

If you’re reading this you know we’ve launched Strangeness in Space – and you likely also know that thanks to some very kind, generous Mirthlings we managed to raise enough to  record and release Episode One through Kickstarter,  and we also managed to raise enough to record Episode Two as well, though not enough to get that fully through post-production.. yet.

One of the things I learnt from producing the Minister of Chance audio series is that low-budget doesn’t need to equal a compromise on quality, but it does usually mean a compromise on timing.

We have to wait until the brilliant people helping us make this are able to fit it in with their other paid work – we cannot afford to pay them in such a way that they can turn down other work… similarly we four have to fit all our work on this around the work we still need to do to pay our bills and feed our families. We could easily work full time on it, but we can’t afford to. So please bear with us as we battle to get this done as quickly as possible but without compromising on quality.

Where are we up to now? Well we have about 90% of Eps 1 and 2 recorded, and Dave Palser has already started working on the sound – and when I write ‘working on the sound’  I mean creating a full soundscape; original sounds making a unique 3D world rather than plonking in library sounds… he’s a man of passion on a mission!  (And that involved chasing a goose round a farmyard the other day to get an authentic goose honk…dedication on t’farm)

Trev is working on the theme tune and the original songs for each episode, as well as the songs he has promised to the very kind backers who bought that perk!

I am battling with perk and account spreadsheets working out who needs what and when – and getting our roll of honour together (and a plea to those who haven’t sent back their surveys yet!!  Please please do!  and email me if you can’t find it: in order to get everything out efficiently we need all addresses, and all clarifications on whether you bought one or more perks… and what name you want on the roll as a lot of you are doing it for someone else or have a nickname!)

Simon has created the Wormhole for you – it’s already filled with videos and pics and posts he’s been working on from our production weeks – and he will be adding to it as we go along.  And if that wasn’t a perk you had bought but you’re feeling left out, fear not! You can still buy access to it through our new shop.  Yes, a shop!  (That’s kept me & my husband Bruce quiet for a bit!).   Now you can buy memorabilia and production perks again – and in doing so you’ll be helping to fund the release of Episode Two as well!

We’ve also added in a couple of new perks – one of them the chance to be in it as the Mirthling voice at the end of Episode One!

And Sophie is going to be at a number of events over the next few months; spreading the word for us so do say hello to her if you can – and if you can make it to Herne Bay in Kent on Sunday 21st June come and say hello to all four of us at Sci-Fi By The Sea; it’s a lovely family event by the sea… and there’s icecream there…


Love Execcer x

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