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What Shall We Do Today!

What Shall We Do Today!

Our kids seem to be permanently attached to gadgets these days so how about we inject some imagination into that addiction over the school summer holidays!

We have four episodes ready for your junior Mirthlings  – you can download them all from  here  for free for them to listen to anywhere that suits you – and if you’d like a copy of the script for Episode One: Featherheads just email with JUNIOR SCRIPT READER in the subject box and we will email it to you so they can read it – or maybe even get together with some friends and film a segment of the script on a gadget!

Or draw/paint/model one of the scenes from any of the episodes!

Or show us what they think one of our characters might look like!

Or write and tell us what they would miss most if they were stuck in space trying to get back home…

If you want to send us their drawings, photos or filmed segments to we will email everyone a Strangeness in Space certificate for taking part,  and we’ll showcase some on our website, and on Facebook for everyone to enjoy.


here are Laura-Dawn’s nephews in their spaceship!

Here’s one from Jack Cousins (aged 11) showing us his idea of how Featherheads came about!

jack cousins

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