Strangeness in Space | We’ve launched..
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We’ve launched..

We’ve launched..

After months of planning and writing we can finally launch Strangeness in Space! Many of you have already been asking how it came about, so here’s an insight into that, taken from an interview by Greg Jameson with our producer Clare Eden, that will be out on next week

Did Trev and Simon pitch the idea to you, or the other way around?

Sophie and Simon both played guest roles for us on The Minister of Chance, my last podcast project, and we were guests at BritSciFi last Spring. We were also all at University together (as was Trev!) and as I watched them in the audience Q&A in Leicester, sharing memories of us all working together, I had one of those light bulb moments! We then all met for our Manchester Uni Drama Department reunion and at a very hung-over breakfast the following day, I suggested we put something together and T&S came up with the brilliant idea of Strangeness in Space.! Sophie and I laughed out loud when we saw their first scripts and we can’t wait to make them!

Can we anticipate that the series will have the quirky humour of Trev and Simon?

Oh yes…. in all its glorious nonsense and wit!! I love that they do know how to pitch it for everyone…


Stay tuned to this news area and we’ll keep you posted on other interviews and articles as they come out!

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