Strangeness in Space | We’ve been nominated!!
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We’ve been nominated!!

We’ve been nominated!!

The Audio Verse Awards celebrate the best in free audio drama around the world; and nominations come from listeners. So we are doubly delighted to hear we’ve been nominated.  Thank you!

The semi-final voting has now opened and votes can be cast on the list of nominees between now and October 20th.  That will then create a short list of finalists.

If you enjoyed Strangeness in Space and would like to cast your vote for us then please do so by October 20th at Audio Verse Awards.  We’ve been nominated by you in these three awards:-

  • Best Original Standalone Comedy
  • Best New Original, Long-Form, Serial Production
  • Best Original, Long-Form, Standalone Production

There is a showcase of nominees going up daily (we’re not up yet) but you can also access each production’s website via the nominees list /

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