Strangeness in Space | We’re Live and Kickstarting..
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We’re Live and Kickstarting..

We’re Live and Kickstarting..

Our Kickstarter campaign is now live.

You have a month to get involved, share with friends and see what is on offer.

Go to our Kickstarter page to find out more news about the production and a full list of the perks on offer.  e.g. You can pledge now for a perk from just £4 and you only need to pay when we hit our target in April.


The Kick Starter Trailer

In the meantime this is our Kickstarter video with the new teaser trailer followed by a message from our team.



Fund Raising Target

£15,000 will fund the series development (script development, website, concept art & graphics for promotion, theme tune and incidental music) and bring Episode 1 to release (cast & crew fees; travel, recording, sound effects, mixing, publicity, release).


Our Kickstarter page is here.


About Strangeness In Space

A comedy sci-fi audio adventure from Trev & Simon, Sophie Aldred & Clare Eden. Free to download, for kids aged 8 to 80, and beyond….





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