Strangeness in Space | Time to vote!
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Time to vote!

Time to vote!

Congratulations to all who entered our STRANGENESS in SPACE half-term competition. You may remember that we asked you to do any of the following:

  • Sophie will have a Space Centre Gift Shop uniform on – can you design one for her?
  • make a spaceship for Trev, Simon & Sophie to travel in – using anything you can find around the house or garden… (sticky backed plastic optional)
  • draw a picture from one of the scenes you enjoyed from the three episodes
  • write and tell us what would you miss most if you were stuck in space trying to get back to earth
  • write and tell us what you enjoyed most in the series

We had some lovely entries – and now we can’t decide on winners! So here are our finalists, and we’d love you to now help us by voting. We have broken down the entries  to two groups, Group 1 for the real youngsters, and Group 2 for the slightly older youngsters. So please do get voting and we will reveal the winners at the weekend. If you click the image it will enlarge and you will see their terrific details!

(Oh, and by the way, last time round you could see who was in the lead as you voted: Not this time. We are keeping the percentage scores hidden until the end so it will be a real surprise when you find out that YOU have won! Get voting. Get your friends and family to vote!)


if the images don’t appear straight away, refresh the page and they will load miraculously! 

I’m sorry Chloe’s picture is on its side, but if you click on it to see it bigger it will magically turns itself the right way round! And now here’s Group 2.

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