Strangeness in Space | The Manchester Four by Execcer
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The Manchester Four by Execcer

The Manchester Four by Execcer

not a very original name for us but does what it says on the tin… Four of us met at Manchester University in the early 80’s studying Drama.

Our paths since have taken us on a myriad of professional routes, often intertwining, not always at the same time, and these decades (ahem) later we found ourselves sitting at a table in my kitchen chucking round ideas of what we could make together. Now, with the help of some wonderful fans having faith in our Kickstarter campaign we can launch Episode One of Strangeness in Space to you all, which also does what it says on the tin.. it’s Strange and it’s in Space.

The minute Sophie and I saw Trev & Simon’s scripts we desperately wanted to see it made. We were lucky enough to get Jim Armstrong (*also Manchester Drama), Chris Mock and Philip Matejtschuk on board to record, and truly blessed when Dave Palser (my ol’ mucker from Minister of Chance days) offered to make us a couple of films or somat… which turned into a library of short videos on YouTube and a full soundscape on the audio!   And how thoroughly chuffed we were to gather Barnaby Edwards, Doon Mackichan (*also Manchester Drama), David Annen & Sarah Madigan to the cast; not to mention Peter Guinness, Carol Cleveland and Rufus Hound waiting in the wings for Ep2!  This has truly been one of the most enjoyable and satisfying jobs ever…

Our Mirthling backers seem to love Ep1 and we hope you will too – you can  find it here and for FREE.

THANK YOU EVERYONE who supported us on Kickstarter and made this possible, and welcome aboard all NEW Mirthlings!

We did a lot of filming behind the scenes, and captured the journey in photos as well as articles reporting on the way,  and they’ve been going in The Wormhole, our Members only web area (if you want to buy family membership to that now you will not only have access to those but will be helping us get Ep2 completed) … . and here are some shots now from way back in our Manchester days.. (I didn’t seem to frequent photo booths so here’s one of me with a cat instead)

Love Execcer. #ProudProducer

Soph and Simon Execcer (2)20140414_103400

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