Strangeness in Space | The Great Limerick Challenge
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The Great Limerick Challenge

The Great Limerick Challenge

As we headed into studio to record songs last week, we challenged you to tribute us in Limerick form…  You, of course, met that challenge head on!

we’ve picked three winners.. for three different reasons..

Donal Thompson – also at University with us, made us all laugh out-loud at this:

The perks were going so well
when they saw a shirt XXXL
for a fat man in Spain
with a slightly strange name
said Simon ‘ That’s big! Bloody hell!’

Sue Cook – a perfectly metred limerick

Poor Sophie is no longer Ace.

She feels like she’s stuck in one place

Trev and Simon say hi

Kiss her old life goodbye

Now it’s Pants Swinging Strangeness in Space.
David Ault: went subversive on his metre, which (strangely) appealed to us!
Relax, all you kids, don’t get flustered

If ordinary songs cut no mustard,

Clare, Sophie and Dave

Are delighted to pave

The way for these new guys: Trev and Simon.

From Going Live swinging their pants

Pink Custard now leads a new dance,

While Sophie is Ace (Not in name, in this case)
This podcast will surely entrance!

but we also think Laura-Dawn MacGregor-Portlock deserves a special mention in dispatches for her magnificent output! ( make a cuppa and settle down to these!)

There was a band called Pink Custard

Whose rivals were known as Black Mustard

Pink Custard were better

Cos they could sing every letter

And got all the ladies quite flustered

There once was a robot called Lemon

Who was glad he wasn’t a melon

Cos melons get sick

When they ride a spaceship

And have to spend their life living in Devon

There was a young girl called Ace

Who traveled through all time and space

Till the rest of the crew

Said ‘This ain’t Doctor Who

Go away you’re in the wrong place!’

There was a nice lady called Sophie

Whose shipmates were really quite dopey

They did this weird dance

Called Swinging their pants

For which they had all won a trophy

There was this guy called Simon

He wanted to live on a island

But ended up on a ship

In some weird orbit

And thought ‘Now I’ll never see Brighton’

There was this cool dude called Trevor

Who really was very clever

He wanted to fly

Right up to the sky

And found that it went on forever

There once was a lady called Clare

For producing it seemed had a flare

She thought Strangeness in Space

Would be a great case

To broadcast it live on air


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