Strangeness in Space | Sophie’s 35 year old dream
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Sophie’s 35 year old dream

Sophie’s 35 year old dream

Tucked away between the humanities buildings and the library at Manchester University is a little converted church called the Stephen Joseph studio. Although deconsecrated many moons ago, to drama students like me it was still a sacred space. Every Monday night, we had free run of the place to put on our own shows, however experimental, classical, weird or controversial they might be.

In the very first week, I managed to get myself into an illegal (because not yet out of copyright) production of “The Rocky Horror Show” where I was a time warper clad in little more than a bit of fake leopard skin, a pair of white fringed cowboy boots and towards the end of the show, a black bin bag. Next I played Tim Booth’s (now aka lead singer of pop band James) wife in “Can’t Pay Won’t Pay” and many more plays followed.

Monday night was a weekly fixture in our diaries. And even more so when my friend and a couple of his mates started putting on weekly comedy sketches unlike anything I’d ever seen before. Devilfishhornclub was Trev and Simon and Phil, and they made me laugh with their blend of odd characters and cheap props. I longed to be a part of it and was jealous of the people who they would get up on stage with them.

Fast forward to the early 1990’s and there they are on Going Live and I still love them. But wait, I’m on the opposite channel in direct competition on a short lived ITV Saturday morning show called Wow.

Fast forward again and just imagine my delight when our fellow Manchester graduate, friend and producer Clare Eden suggested we work together and Trev and Simon come up with Strangeness in Space.

A 35 year old dream come true.



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