Strangeness in Space | Sci-Fi By The Sea in Herne Bay by Execcer
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Sci-Fi By The Sea in Herne Bay by Execcer

Sci-Fi By The Sea in Herne Bay by Execcer

On Saturday night a happy band of tired travellers met up after travelling from their various events, for supper in Herne Bay: the Strangeness Team of Sophie, Trev, Simon & Clare along with Deb Waters, Clare’s production assistant;  with Sylvester McCoy, Chris Dale and Richard James.


As you will see, I accidentally lent in front of Deb Waters and obscured her completely – she didn’t bear a grudge though as you can tell from our team photos the next day….

Team with Hat

The weather was ‘variable’ when we arrived – an hour before the gazebo had blown up in the air and landed in the Scout Tent behind us – but the Herne Bay team worked marvels to get everything straight quickly, and the sun came out

photo 4 (1)

Made some new friends…

TS with iron man


nums 2




Trev met a Dalek

photo 1

So did Sophie:

Sophie bat

and a momentous occasion – the first time a Mirthling walked up to us wearing our Strangeness in Space Tee-shirt!  Thanks Annelise & family



and our treat for the day?  click here to share it! ….  IMG_2024

If you enjoy looking behind the scenes with us you might also enjoy being a member of The Wormhole – the private member’s area which is where we usually post pictures and articles; Simon’s video diaries (usually of Trev being made to do something…) and snippets of how we’re putting the soundscape together on this. You can get membership for £20 via the shop on this website  and that £20 will also help us fund full production of Episode TWO!

And fingers crossed , if everyone stays available to do what they need to do when we need them to do it, we hope to get Episode One completed and out to you around the start of the school summer holidays in the UK…. (low-budget/no budget doesn’t mean you compromise on quality, but it can mean you have to compromise on timing if the experts doing you favours get other better paid work!).










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