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Rivers of London Competition

Rivers of London Competition

The other day, Simon met up with Lee Sullivan, the artistic master behind our great logo.

Simon met Lee to collect the Limited Edition artwork that’ll soon be on its way to our backers who picked it as a perk. And while he was there he quizzed Lee about all things artistic, including Lee’s latest work on Ben Aaronovitch’s Rivers of London. The resulting mini-film interviews will be popping up in the WormHole over the coming days and weeks, along with a fantastic competition to win a rare first edition of Rivers of London: Bodywork signed by Lee.

This competition will be open to WormHole members only. So if you fancy your chances of getting the answer right to a question set specifically by Lee (Clue: Sophie’s part of the answer) then keep an eye on the entries there Wormholers!  And if you’re not a member yet, we seriously recommend this ! It’s already stuffed full of exclusive photos, videos, behind the scenes info, interviews; you name it, it’s in there… and now we’re adding competitions too. You’ll also be helping get Ep2 finished and, as a commissioner, you’ll get a preview before its release … but beware – Abi Goulding completely lost track of time in there and burnt the tea…

Here’s an edited version of Simon’s latest WormHole piece:

Lee has done the artwork for Ben Aaronovitvch’s comic book extension of his Rivers of London novels. And, he happened to have a copy with him.

Now, here’s the thing: The copy fell out of the packet that had all of our artwork in it. It was in a separate envelope. I picked it up and said “Is this for me?”

Now why on earth should it have been? Perhaps Lee was just carrying it around in there and forgot to take it out. But by me asking if it was for me, I put him in a difficult position. What to say? No! That might seem rude. So Lee had no option but to say yes, it was for me.

So I have it. And it’s rare. The first edition has sold out. Lee had to buy this himself, on eBay. (Seriously now, what if he didn’t intend it for me? What if he paid $59,000 for it on eBay?)

Well, we’ll never know. I have it and I asked him to sign it to Mirthling Number 1. That’s you!

Yes, we are giving away this rare signed first edition to one of you. But not yet. In a bit, when all the films have been edited and put up here. In a couple of weeks or so, we will have a competition with correct answers going into a draw, and one Mirthling will win this most excellent and in demand comic.

The competition will be for WormHole members only, so if you’ve not joined yet, please do. (And if you’ve not joined yet, but you’re reading this… HOW!?  Oh, I get it – I bet Clare’s gone and put it on the website. Any road, get yourself a membership to the WormHole… it’s not just competitions; it’s films, pics, articles from behind the scenes as we make Strangeness in Space for you – you name it, it’s in the WormHole.)

Here’s the prize for the future competition:

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