Strangeness in Space | Party Bags! Sophie on 80s songs
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Party Bags! Sophie on 80s songs

Party Bags! Sophie on 80s songs

We had a terrific ‘Meet and Greet‘ party last Saturday and finished it off with a party bag for all the guests who had so kindly bought that perk to join us in the initial Kickstarter campaign.  A variety of goodies; some of them edible from Sugar Mountain, a lovely old fashioned sweet shop that neighbours the Archie Parker.

Because we cast so many brilliant actors a lot of them were working and couldn’t be there – but wanted to be involved so had a lightbulb moment of asking them lots of questions about their favourite sci-fi films, 80s songs, pop-synth songs and so on.

Some answered in essay form, some with one liners but they all give us an insight into their passions and we’ll profile some of them here.  Let’s start with Sophie’s favourite 80s song….

” When I arrived at Manchester University, my knowledge of pop and rock music was pretty negligible. I had been brought up on a diet of classical music and my Father was a huge opera fan, so lucky me ended up going to places like Glyndebourne and the Royal Opera House when I was pretty young. My brother and I had Sgt Pepper, The Eagles, Queen’s Night at the Opera (funnily enough) and a handful of singles purchased with pocket money such as Yellow Submarine and, shockingly, Little Jimmy Osmond singing Long Haired Lover from Liverpool.

It was Mr Simon Hickson himself who took me under his wing and educated me pop musically. Simple Minds, New Order (some of us went to, I think, their second ever gig) The Fall, and lots of great bands at the Student’s Union; Bow Wow Wow (the night Malcolm McClaren introduced someone called George who was wearing lots of makeup and a funny hat) and so on.

Boyfriends introduced me to a wide range of music; Iggy Pop, Grace Jones, Roxy Music, and I went out with Tim Booth for a while who wanted to be a pop star and ended up being lead singer with the band James. Later there was Orange Juice, Terry Hall and The Colourfield, Everything but the Girl, Japan, Lloyd Cole and Commotions, The Smiths… the list is endless…and of course the sublime ABC. I even made my own discoveries. Aztec Camera was one of them, and I’m going to vote their “Oblivious” my favourite song of the 80’s.




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