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We were at Great Central Railway in Loughborough last Saturday for a sci-fi day out, and we had a drawing competition in the Waiting Room.

We had a load of entries, all fantastic, and all on the theme of Space!

And now, we need your help to pick the winners. We had loads of brilliant entries .. too many to show them all so we've narrowed it down to the Top Four in each category.  The winners in each category will get a STRANGENESS in SPACE goody pack but very well done to all the finalists whether you win or not!  We'll leave the voting open until the end of September, so keep those votes coming in  (and if your picture is in here, let your friends know so they can vote too!!)

we promised that anyone buying perks in this last leg of funding for Ep2 would also have their name in a draw and that FIVE of you would win an additional surprise prize in honour of Ep2 being called FIVE. Here are the five winners below:-  first...

every few weeks we run a Strangeness in Space or Trev & Simon caption competition on Facebook, and you never disappoint.  Here are some of our winners:- "The 'Strangeness in Space action figure prototypes' may need some further work"  David Adams   "Sorry, Simon, apparently there can only...

DID YOU KNOW? You become taller in Space?  Of course in space there isn't any gravity to push you down and it's possible to find yourself up to 5cm taller!   In space the skin on your feet falls off!   At the risk of giving Trev &...