Strangeness in Space | Update: Name that Dog!
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Update: Name that Dog!

Update: Name that Dog!

The polling has closed – you’ve chosen HUBBLE (so Clare is happy!) – followed by ‘Yuri Dogarin’, and with ‘Bowowowie’ and ‘Clive’ tying for 3rd place. Although, of course, this is an alien space puppy… from a day go egg… in a drama written by Trev & Simon so anything could happen to it!

Anyone who’s listened to Episode 1 of STRANGENESS in SPACE, Featherheads, will know that the episode ends with the four of us (Me, Trev, Sophie, and L.E.M.O.N.) adopting a puppy (please remember, Space Puppies are not just for Strangemas). But what do we call it?

Lovely Laika was the first dog in space, but that seems a bit cruel really so although we love the name we’re not going for that. (Just for the record, no space puppies were harmed in the making of Strangeness).

So no Laika. We put this tricky situation onto you lot. We asked for suggestions for a name for our new space pet (we’re all assuming this is a dog, but let’s not forget; we’re in Space, the animal is from the Planet Mirth… it is, first and foremost, AN ALIEN!) We asked you on Twitter, FaceBook, and other things, to come up with names.

It was tough –  thanks everyone for giving us such a tough choice!  But now we’ve each picked our favourite, and we’re going to champion them. We’re going to pester you over the next week or so to vote for our personal favourites. And whichever name wins the vote will see our space pet named thus.

Clare’s choice is Hubble. Trev’s gone for Bowowowie. Sophie’s picked Clive and I’ve plumped for Yuri Dogarin.

Let the voting commence!

Simon x

PS:  if you can’t now see the voting poll, refresh the page and it will appear as if by magic!



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