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Mirthling Help Needed !

Mirthling Help Needed !

As you may know we hit our target to make Part One of our Two-Part season Finale in our Kickstarter campaign but we didn’t fully fund part Two so we still have some work to do before we can produce and release it all.

We know that people love the series when they do come across it so our immediate challenge now is to make sure we get it onto the radar of even more Mirthlings and tempt them in to listen….

You’ll see memes appearing on social media over the next few weeks and if you’re able to share them that will really help boost the signal.  And we’d love to base some of them on quotes from fans about us & the series that would be compelling for others to see. If you’d like to be part of that please email us a sentence or two that we can quote from you – what it is, why you like it, bits you love, characters, the writing, relationships, jokes, songs, the Mirthling community, any angle at all that you think would draw you in to try something new if you saw it. You can send it to Clare at

We’d like to thank you all for your phenomenally loyal support of Team Strange so we’ll also be putting the names of everyone responding into a Strange Beanie and we’ll randomly choose a few for some extra gifts!

Our loins are girded, our resolve is set, the gauntlet is down… We WILL get news of this series out to more people, and we feel confident that when we do, they may well also want a tee-shirt… or photo… or badges …to help us fund more.

Worth a try innit!


Love Trev, Simon, Sophie and Clare




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