Strangeness in Space | Help us get NEW Mirthlings!
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Help us get NEW Mirthlings!

Help us get NEW Mirthlings!

Can you help us spread the word to new Mirthlings?

We’ve had a staggering response to our Season Finale on Kickstarter!  In the first week we’ve reached 70% of our first target so we’re well on the way to funding part 1 of our two-part climax. Truly spacetastic of you all!

But it’s time to roll up our sleeves and push on hard to get this first part greenlit at £10k, and push past it to the second part as well… and for that we need to bring in more new Mirthings. Can you help us?

We’ve launched a ‘Thunderclap’ campaign  – a WHAT!?!

It’s a way of creating a one-off tidal wave, a kind of flash mob, on social media! If you want to help, all you need to do is sign up  –  that simple. Then Thunderclap will use your social media account to post our #TeamStrange message at 9.30am on Saturday 19th November.  And fear not: it cannot access your security details or your private messages, just send out this message!

If we can get at least 100 people to sign up to help on this, then a HEAP more people will see this message, with the Kickstarter link,  on their timeline…

Join me in helping Trev & Simon & Sophie Aldred
make #StrangenessinSpace…Strangerer!
#SeasonFinale #Mirthlings

But for it to happen, we need 100 people to agree to sign up and you can do it here. If you had been planning to buy any Rewards in the campaign then now would be an excellent time to go for it as some of our limited Rewards are close to selling out – and remember: on Kickstarter you are ‘pledging‘ not actually paying.  You will not be charged for your reward unless we hit our target of £10k by the end of the Kickstarter on 27th November. So please Mirthlings, anything you can do to help us get word out about this – or anything you choose on perks (no matter how small!), will allow us to bring a bit more Mirth to Earth!

Here a few of the perks that might tempt you!


Have a personal video message for you or a loved one, from Sophie or from Trev & Simon

You’ve heard a rumour? YES – it’s true … Trev & Simon MIGHT DO Duvets !!!!!!

Want your name on top of a Trev and Simon script? Another perfect Christmas present for someone! (or you…)

And if you want to help but are watching the pennies, how about LEND ME YOUR EARPHONES!Your £3 will definitely help –  your name will go on our Roll of Honour and you will hear it before it goes on general release.
All these are on Kickstarter!
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