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Message from Simon

Message from Simon

Hi everyone. Simon here. What a fantastic start to our campaign! Four days in… just four days!… and we are 60% funded for the First Part of our Two-Part Season Finale!

Yes, it’s true, and we are going to push push and push to fund Part Two too… each step, each badge, each T-shirt, each certificate, each Reward takes us closer and closer and further and further into SPACE! So a huge thank you to all of you who have given us such a powerful start.

Please help spread the word; let us reach out to new galaxies, new universes, new boroughs and new counties. Have we got a Mirthling from Stoke yet? Please feel free to share our video –  it’s on YouTube (and by the miracle of URL it’s also below this if you can’t wait to get to YouTube!!)

And also a quick reminder that the voting for the Audio Verse Awards finalists ends on Sunday 6th so please do help us if you have a moment.

There are lots of categories, and you do have to vote in them all. If you don’t know the shows (which is quite likely) you still have to vote. So… pick any you like the sound of – or vote for Light of September which I am also in (although it has to be said that they do kill me…). We are in THREE categories:

Best Writing of an Original, Long Form, Small Cast, Ongoing Production- where you will find me and Trevor Neal.

Best Original, Long Form, Small Cast, Ongoing, Comedic Production – where you will find Strangeness in Space

Best Performance of an Actress in an Original Ensemble Role for a Long Form Production – where you will find Sophie Aldred

It IS a long old form, but if we can get through this we will be in the Finals and we could win an award… which would be a fantastic boost for our production. And if we were able to announce we had got through the semi-final voting round, imagine what a boost that would be to our Kickstarter campaign!

Thanks for reading all this. Swing your pants. x

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