Strangeness in Space | The ‘Theatre of Mirth’ Live Event
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The ‘Theatre of Mirth’ Live Event

The ‘Theatre of Mirth’ Live Event

31st July 2016 saw our first Strange Live event at the Leicester Square Theatre at the invitation of legendary comedy historian Robert Ross.  Firstly in conversation with Trev & Simon on their career, then joined by Sophie sharing anecdotes from hers, and finally joined by producer Clare as the four shared tales of their time at Manchester University together, as well as talking about the making of the series.

The evening climaxed with a 45 minute performance of an exclusive script by Trev & Simon, “The Theatre of Mirth”, with a new Trev, Simon, Sophie adventure involving David Annen as Jeremy, Robert Ross as himself and Clare playing herself, Bounty Flightingale and running audience cue cards (“yeah, we could get someone else to do that” said Simon, “but it’ll make us laugh more to see you trying to do it all”).

We’ve posted a collection of photos in The Gallery: shots from the interviews, the Theatre of Mirth performance, and with the Mirthlings that joined us. If you want to enjoy the script itself you can now have it emailed or posted to you; that’s available here.


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