Strangeness in Space | Kylie? NO! TREV SIMON & SOPHIE !
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Years ago my husband turned 30… he was a big Kylie Minogue fan.

I was an agent looking after actors, amongst them Emmy Award winning Alexei Sayle. The brilliant Clive James was at the peak of his broadcasting career.  He hugely admired Alexei and at regular intervals would mount a campaign to persuade him to come on as a guest.  Finally he bowed to such pleasant pressure and agreed.. and such was the programme’s joy that I am thanked profusely for helping..  ‘if there’s every anything we can do’ the producer says.

Well yes!  Now you mention it! Kylie is a guest on the show too – will you pretty please get her to sign a birthday card for my husband when she’s there. The deal is struck; I post the card to them in preparation but Kylie gets stuck in appalling traffic and only arrives halfway through the show; interviews and has to rush straight off to her next engagement…

*Sigh*…  but fear not!  – the producer’s a very decent chap and he feels he should honour his promise.. he bikes the card to ‘Kylie’s people’ (!), and they pop it under her nose, and bike it back !  What efforts; I am truly touched…   Imagine my excitement when said husband reaches said birthday and I slip the card in his pile.  How thrilled he’ll be …

Unfortunately Kylie doesn’t have a particularly legible signature – it wasn’t K Y L I E for sure… so he opens it, glances at it, smiles that ‘’ooh a birthday card from someone, maybe an auntie I don’t remember’ ,  and pops it to one side.  Gutted am I… Gutted.  Doesn’t have the same effect when you have to spell it out…

So I promise you now that if you should be tempted by our Strangeness in Space Christmas Card, and want the thrill of a friend opening it and finding it’s from Trev and Simon and Sophie, we shall endeavour to write legibly so they know it’s a lovely surprise… from Them…Promise…

(and just to completely phase my aging brain – here’s a photo of Trev & Simon with Kylie, in The Singing Corner, not Kylie with Alexei, or my husband…)



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