Strangeness in Space | Jim Armstrong on sound…
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Jim Armstrong on sound…

Jim Armstrong on sound…

Mirthlings, it’s Clare this time, and my chance to introduce Jim Armstrong to you. Jim has recorded the majority of Strangeness for us – both songs and the storyline.

Jim was also at University with us – he and I did English & Drama which meant we had four years together there, but we were in the same year as Sophie and Simon through their three years of Drama, with Trev arriving the year after us.


Jim centre – with me right (and Denise left) – Graduation day which is why he’s in a tie and I’m in a ridiculous dress that dates it as the 1980s. Outside Contact Theatre, Manchester.


Uni reunion

Steve, Deva, Jim, me, Gareth, Simon – Students Union Bar at our 30th anniversary reunion.

Back then it was a small department, only 30 a year and 90 in total; so we all knew each other and had worked with each other in some form or other… Nowadays it’s more than that in a single year at the department, and seems to be much more academically centred than it was for us. We were lucky enough to be there when we had the Stephen Joseph studio available to us and at a time when practical work was a vital part of the degree. Each Monday the studio was booked with a collection of pieces entirely staged by drama students – sometimes their own work; sometimes their own twist on a classic, but all founded on that classic drama mantra ‘the right to fail’.  I know that sounds a tad ‘let’s be a tree performing Chekhov-y’ but fundamentally  that’s the crucial underpinning needed for our industry – the fear of failure can paralyse it.. certainly cripple it, and definitely close it down to fresh new ideas… but enough of my politicising about the state of drama today…

Back to Jim – at University I always remember him more for lighting – I’m sure I stared up at his (very nice) bum astride a ladder rigging… but post University he has forged a career as a sound specialist. He’s your go-to man for settling a gurt big musical extravaganza safely into its home – he’s just finished on Aladdin and giants like Miss Saigon, Lion King, Les Miserables, Phantom of The Opera all feature on his cv, both on UK and International tour and in the West End.  He also has a tantalising collection of private functions on there:  Simple Minds @ McQueen’s, Tamara Ecclestone’s Wedding,  Leona Lewis at Grosvenor House to name but a few…

On many occasions, both on Strangeness in Space, and on my last project, The Minister of Chance,  he has arrived of a morning with a couple of black boxes and transformed my living room into a recording studio.  What’s more, he has an uncanny knack of knowing exactly how and when to butt in with a note or two – it’s challenging for Trev & Simon to juggle being the writers as well as being the performers, and Sophie & I are always already very familiar with the script when we reach studio, so we have all appreciated his fresh pair of ears and timely interjections.  Not to mention his seemingly endless good humour and patience, even in the face of technical issues; the dustmen collecting recycling and the trains that run literally opposite my house.  He is a gloriously skilled and safe pair of hands to have on a team as well as being a jolly good bloke…

Jim always avoids being in the spotlight when recording with us – it’s easier photographing Koalas in daytime,  but he did settle down to answering a few questions “after he’d consumed a bottle of particularly nice Côtes du Rhône” (muttering I’d rather be on Desert island Discs…)

  • Why did he say yes? Because Clare holds information about me that I do not want made public..
  • Favourite moment from recording? Rufus Hound trying to get Doon Mackichan’s name right.
  • Have you a favourite episode? The one where Harrison Ford did the secret guest voice. (Oh, am I allowed to say that?)
  • What’s it been like working with the team? Like herding kittens. Hungry kittens. With cat toys tied to their tails.
  • What would you like to see happen? I’d like to see Trev & Simon & Sophie meet famous people from history, and just mess with their heads.
  •  A message for the fans? Let’s all get together for Thorleigh’s Egg-nog!

So, there’s Jim in a nutshell for you – and he’s hoping to come along to The Leicester Square Theatre event with us on Sunday 31st July so you can meet him there too…

Jim (2)SeoulJim thrilling

oh go on, one for luck too…  Gareth, Trev, Jim and me… 1984


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