Strangeness in Space | Happy Birthday Mirthlings!!
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Happy Birthday Mirthlings!!

Happy Birthday Mirthlings!!

Hello Mirthlings!

Today is a milestone in our Strange journey – the First Anniversary of our podcast series hitting the world, with Episode 1: Featherheads out on Saturday 1st August 2015.  Pink Custard haven’t remixed ‘Happy Birthday’ (yet…) so you’ll have to make do with your own hummed accompaniment, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY US!

Birthdays deserve celebrations so I’ve gone through the archives and sourced a collection of 25 photos that one of us caught on camera in studio or at a convention and I’ve popped them in front of Trev, Simon and Sophie for signature.  Each is unique and if you’d like to own a moment then pop over here where you’ll find a lucky dip – you’ll receive whichever I pull out of the box in random order but they’re all signed by whichever of us four is in it and I’ll notate the moment on the back for your Strange Collection. And here’s a glimpse on Youtube that Simon caught on film yesterday.

I have also popped some of the Episode One scenes, with a front cover signed by us four, into the shop at a reduced rate to say thank you for all your support. They come with Membership to The Wormhole as well, at a bundled price of £11 instead of the usual combined price of £21!

So what next? Well, Trev & Simon are working on Episodes 5 and 6 as a two-parter to bring the first season to a climax, and we hope to be able to fund it in a Kickstarter campaign around October. The Shop remains open over the summer and anything bought from there (such as the Anniversary perks above) helps us on the pre-production costs – there are always ongoing expenses;  I need to order more publicity fliers for example, and even just train fares to get us four together for a meeting costs a bomb. We also pride ourselves on everyone getting paid on this, even though it’s only a token amount, so I need some token cash to commission our two script writers!

Some of you have been asking about Tee-Shirts Stock and yes, I will be putting through another order soon –  if you can’t see the size or colour you want in stock now, then buy one and tell us what you need of either The Original SiS or the Thorleigh’s Tee-shirt , and we’ll custom order for you sometime w/c 8th August.

If you want something to amuse your kids over the holidays check out our Holiday Challenges. Join in with them too if you want!

#TeamStrange and #TeamMirthling has been a very happy partnership. What a joy it has been to watch our Mirthling community grow and thrive.  At yesterday’s live event it was wonderful to see Mirthlings taking as much pleasure in meeting each other after months of interacting on Facebook & Twitter.

It went brilliantly yesterday, better than we even hoped,  and we will collate the photos & videos from attendees and share with you as soon as we can.  Trev & Simon’s one-off script “The Theatre of Mirth” was a blast and made us all hungrier than ever for more episodes from them! (And I got a part!!)

What a fun year it’s been – hard work and long hours but worth it all we think!

 Onwards for another year Mirthlings, see you in Space!

 Execcer x

PS:  If you entered the Lee Sullivan Artwork Prize Draw then you can find the result here, live from the Leicester Square Theatre Mirthling event yesterday.

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