Strangeness in Space | ‘Ullo, Gotta New Cast Member?
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‘Ullo, Gotta New Cast Member?

‘Ullo, Gotta New Cast Member?

Execcer on Alexei Sayle…

We are very excited to have Alexei in the wings to play ‘Keith Keys’, our guest character in Episode 3. A unanimous decision from #TeamStrange to offer it to him immediately after we’d had the idea… and yay! The Man from Liverpool, he say YES!

I’ve always loved Alexei’s work, both as a writer and performer. There’s something that runs through his work that is also common to Trev & Simon’s – that sense of eccentricity and nonsense, and yet with a very real craft beneath it. His BBC series ALEXEI SAYLE’S STUFF and the subsequent THE ALL NEW ALEXEI SAYLE SHOW won accolades around the world; from the Royal Television Society and Broadcast Press Guild in the UK to an International Emmy and a Bronze Rose of Montreux.

He probably first caught your attention in THE YOUNG ONES and a series of Films in THE COMIC STRIP PRESENTS series – and hopefully you caught his brilliant DIDN’T YOU KILL MY BROTHER? More recently a career as a presenter and columnist, as well as novelist (MR ROBERTS, WEEPING WOMEN HOTEL & OVERTAKEN), as well as his highly acclaimed short story collections THE DOG CATCHER and BARCELONA PLATES. Not to mention his memoir STALIN ATE MY HOMEWORK – ‘It’s not like other comedians’ memoirs. It’s funny.’ The Guardian.

I was also lucky enough to catch him dip his toes back into standup as MC at the Soho Theatre earlier this year: “A cool and clever comeback from the godfather of alternative comedy”, said Bruce Dessau, and I’d agree…

We’re easing our way through funding the next episodes – a wonderful collection of Mirthlings has bought badges, beanies & bags; experiences like having your name read out at the end of the episode, and commissioning a page of the script; along with signed memorabilia and a Christmas Card from Space – all of which has helped us start making Episodes 3 & 4 and a Christmas Song.  If you want to be part of getting Alexei into Studio with Trev and Simon and Sophie, pop over to the shop and see what takes your fancy – all funds go to production. We can get perks to you in time for Christmas if you’d like to give them as presents!

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