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Execcerly Musings on 3

Execcerly Musings on 3

There’s a phenomena currently hitting the UK Premier League – that’s football to some of you, soccer to others reading this… Leicester City, a team that are not generally considered a top flight contender,  have not only made it to the head of the table but with a current 6 point lead, are also firmly holding onto that slot showing no signs of this being a fluke…

They don’t have one of those media managers; they aren’t a team dotted with egos and players whose transfer fees sound more like a third world country debt.  It’s a group which has evolved through a shared passion and energy for the game, into a team, both on the pitch and in the dugout, of people whose skillsets and commitments dovetail beautifully into this phenomena; complementing, highlighting, encouraging each other as a unit, empowering them all to produce their very best. It’s also a team supported by die-hard fans, behind them in all weathers, keeping the faith…

I’ve just listened to what is likely now to be our final cut of Episode 3; Step Back in Time – and just as relevant to this musing, I have been looking at the trail of emails this weekend between Trev, Simon & Sophie, and Dave Palser who creates such a magical soundscape, and Jim Armstrong whose calm good humour and interjections in studio are so welcome. I think Trev & Simon are at the top of their game with this script; they were also able to write it knowing this time, who would be playing each role and I think they’ve risen to that beautifully.  Our terrific cast has grabbed their roles with gusto; and with a dash of my own herding-of-kittens skills I can honestly say, whatever reception it now receives, that we’ve produced something that makes me proud, and reminds me of Leicester City…

Execcer x

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