Strangeness in Space | Meet Etta Williams!
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Meet Etta Williams!

Meet Etta Williams!


Trev’s turn again now… and he’d like to introduce you to Etta Williams.

Etta was a terrific help on our music.

etta 1etta 2etta 3

Etta is studying Musical Theatre at the London College of Music, where she is involved in all aspects of music, drama and dance performance. She worked as a volunteer for London’s Vault Festival at the start of 2016. During the summer of 2015, she worked at the Dreamland Pleasure Park in Margate, as a member of the entertainments team and will be there again for the summer season.

               etta 4etta 5

 She achieved a Distinction in her Grade 8 Voice exam and is a member of Margate Operatic Society.

etta 6

Etta is also my daughter. As you know, Strangeness in Space exists thanks to a marvelous combination of fan support, hard work, talent and a whole bucket load of help from friends and family (just ask Clare!). Everyone gets involved and Etta is no exception. Her twin sister Carys was also recruited to help with some admin tasks, while Etta found herself working in the music department.

                          etta 7etta 8

In the early days of Strangeness in Space, Etta was still living at home when I began working on the theme tune and the demo tracks for Pink Custard’s now infamous electro-pop hits. She remembers:

“After a late night out, it was such a joy to be woken early by dad’s experimental drum machine patterns. I couldn’t wait to help him get the songs finished… in fact, the sooner the better!”

Etta introduced me to the modern wonders of computer based, music recording software. Before this, I was using a toy piano, an old cassette recorder, and two yoghurt pots connected with string.

“Dad takes an old school approach to his music making…” says Etta, “…he found most of his equipment in a skip outside an old school!”

She advised me on some chord progressions and vocal harmonies and acted as sound engineer, musical director and backing vocalist throughout the process. She also patiently taught me how to use the computer software myself, so she could eventually leave home and enjoy a life of her own in that London (while catching up on lost sleep).

etta 9

Etta finds affordable student accommodation in London

On our soon to be released Strangeness in Space Collector’s Edition CD, you will hear some samples from the early demo recordings, (before Dave Palser turned them into something good) featuring Etta singing and then laughing at me, as I attempt to sing ‘harmonies’ in a ridiculous ‘David Bowie meets Phil Oakey from the Human League’ vocal style.

Despite the early morning disturbances and long hours shut away in a room with her dad, tortured by his voice and repeated mistakes on the keyboard, Etta says she really enjoyed the whole process. She is proud to have been involved in the creation of something that everyone should hear…

        “It’s really funny. In this serious world, we all need a bit of Strangeness!”

Thanks Etta!


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