Strangeness in Space | Pink Custard Christmas Song!!!
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Pink Custard Christmas Song!!!

Pink Custard Christmas Song!!!

How cool would it be to have a song in the Christmas charts that you had put there!

Trev & Simon have penned a Christmas anthem as only they could… to be sung by Pink Custard, Tilbury’s No1 Synth Pop duo… and the icing on the cake?  A guest appearance from Sophie Aldred!

We made it to No6 in the iTunes comedy charts; let’s get Pink Custard into the singles charts too!  We have the Song written, and the next TWO Episodes of their adventures on Planet Mirth ready to record; and we have studio pencilled –  we just need to get it all funded!

Now’s your chance to own a piece of Strangeness, and in doing so, know you’re also making it happen!  If you’d like to join the fun, see if any of our many perks takes your fancy – maybe for yourself, maybe as a terrific and unusual Christmas present for someone – every penny goes into making the song, and the Episodes! The Shop is full of ideas you may like.  Thank you Mirthlings!


ADDED TO PREVIOUS POST “Episodes 3 & 4…Shall we? YES!!!” (first posted 29th October 2015)


We are so proud to be a finalist in the Audio Verse Awards, especially as it is nominated by listeners.  They’re now deciding the winners so if you’d like to cast your vote for us you can do so here by 9th November.  What a great boost it would be for the series if we won any of the three categories in which we’re finalists!

We’d all really like to make MORE episodes of Strangeness in Space, and you’ve been asking us for more… so we’ve decided to go for it! We are taking the plunge and planning to make TWO more episodes together – for two reasons: one is that I can shave some aspects of the budget if we record them concurrently, the other is that it will speed up the delivery of Ep 4 to you!

Trev & Simon are also working on a Christmas present for you so something Strange can happen before we are able to get Episode 3 into studio. (you’re gonna LOVE it, and I hope to tell you more very soon!)

For all that we have set a target of £15,000 but we will crowd-fund through our SHOP on this website rather than Kickstarter this time, meaning we can plough all the monies into production rather than into fees, and also meaning we can get perks out straight away to you, as you buy them, instead of having to wait until the end of a campaign.  (NB: anyone purchasing won’t be ‘pledging’ this time, they’ll be buying at that point).

With Christmas in mind we have devised an enticing platter of goodies to tempt you as presents to buy for gifts, or to ask for yourself!  Lots of production perks like having your name read out at the end of the episode, or sponsoring a page of the script – but also tangibles like our new Beanies and Tote Bags, along with the original Tee-shirt.  And we have a new set of Badges and a new Artcard.  TEN of you can have a personalised video message from Trev & Simon –  and again Pink Custard have offered to write you your personalised Synth Pop song!  And you can have a Christmas Card signed by us to you or a friend!

Because it’s on our site you can also order more than one perk much more easily than happened on the first Kickstarter campaign (we know a lot of you found that frustrating – sorry!) but we’ve also created a collection of ‘Bundles’ too so you can buy groups of  perks much more cheaply… and we’ve tried to find perks for all budgets so all our Mirthlings can enjoy a piece of Strange.

We’ll be online promoting like fury and we’d be grateful for anyone who feels able to join us in doing that with us.  Obviously this time we have a major difference – we actually have TWO Episodes out already that we need to introduce to as many new people as possible, and if you can recommend the series, or indeed the perks, to anyone you will also be helping to make this happen. YOU are our publicity.

We have Scripts for both Eps 3 & 4 in from Trev & Simon already – they really deserve to be made, we just need to find a way to finance that, and to the same high standard as before.. and we’ve set ourselves an end date of 17th November for the target.

Thank you for all your support to date – sometimes it’s been investing dosh we know has been hard earnt, sometimes it’s been with your encouraging words and morale boosting, and often it’s been joining in the frenzy of RTing and sharing on social media – all our Mirthlings have really played a role in this production and because of them we have the beginnings of something special as well as Strange!

Onwards we go Mirthlings!

Execcer x


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