Strangeness in Space | Episode Two: WE’RE FUNDED !! (update)
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Episode Two: WE’RE FUNDED !! (update)

Episode Two: WE’RE FUNDED !! (update)

Update: since this post was written on 23 August we have raised the remaining funds for completing Ep2 through fans buying themselves signed memorabilia/Teeshirts/badges etc  from the shop.  THANK YOU!  Dave Palser and we are now heads down working on the last stages and will get it to you in a few weeks!

Greetings Mirthlings!

We’re on the last leg of creating Episode Two for you … it’s called FIVE and we have Rufus Hound’s Atrocious Knocious & Peter Guinness’ Dr Scarifium in the can, and we were privileged to have a guest cameo from the very funny Carol Cleveland! But we need to cover the costs of this last leg before we can complete it and release it to you… Anyone buying anything from our shop until the end of August will be helping that happen… and we will also pop all your names into a big hat and FIVE of you will win an additional surprise from us!

We “raised” just over £19k through Kickstarter back in April but after paying their commission & fees, and with a whapping £1500 or so lost from pledges that didn’t follow through (TWO £300 Associate Producers vanished for example – anyone know who kidnapped them??) it translated to just over £16k. If we can raise another £1,300 before September 1st we can meet the costs we can see for getting Ep2 completed & launched, and would be working to get that out to Mirthling Backers a few weeks later with public release a couple of weeks after that.  There’s our challenge Mirthlings!

(*** Update at 1.30pm Monday 24th: £547 already raised since Sunday with only £753 to go!)

Even sharing news of the series to new Mirthlings will help us enormously in moving forward so don’t worry if you want to help and be a part of #TeamStrange but you spent all your pennies on holiday! Just spread the word anyway you can … it all helps…

But if you can support, then pop to the shop and see if any of our signed perks and memorabilia take your fancy?  Crowd-funding – a way to comission what you want to see made, and really feel a part of its making!

and finally, here’s the fabulous Peter Guinness with a message …

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