Strangeness in Space | Episode 3!
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Episode 3!

Episode 3!

Our first post of 2016 and we hope this new year has got off to a happy start for you!

As you know we have been crowd-funding for the next block of episodes and the great news is that we have raised enough to be able to greenlight Episode 3 with the funds raised to date! A huge cheer for everyone on #TeamStrange!!

We have a small amount of recording to go and then it will all visit Dave Palser for a touch of his audio artistry. As you will know if you are a member of The Wormhole, he has already been creating some of the soundscape effects we need for it so he’s poised and ready to go as soon as we have everything recorded for him.  Pink Custard recorded some more songs earlier this week with Jim The Sound’s new mic surrounds!

photo 1 (12)

photo 2 (9)

As we sign off on Ep3 we have 12 places left (of 30) for the Script Commission perk in which your name will go on the top of a page of the Ep3 script as the person commissioning it, and will remain there forever.  You’ll also be emailed the script when the episode goes out so you’ll have your own copy!  In buying this perk your funds will now help us start on Ep4 and you can buy that perk here.

We also have just 7 places left (of 25) on In Space Everyone Can Hear Your Name – your name read outloud in the end credits for everyone to hear when they listen to the episode. In buying this perk your funds will now help us start on Ep4 and you can buy that perk here.

In fact buying any perks from The Strange Shop will inch us into Ep4 so please spread the word to anyone you think may be interested in helping us make more.

We’ll get the last stage of Ep3 completed as soon as we can, and we’ll proceed with our Ep4 script as and when we have funds come in. Onwards into space Mirthlings; more adventures await us all!



Love Trev, Simon, Clare and Sophie



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