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Puppy Pandemonium!

Puppy Pandemonium!

Look who’s joining us now –  this is our latest Press release Mirthlings!

Adding to the impressive list of high profile celebrity cast members, the Strangeness in Space crew are very excited to announce that Paterson Joseph has agreed to play the part of ‘The Puppymaster’ in Episode 4 of their hilarious sci-fi comedy audio adventure, starring Doctor Who’s Sophie Aldred and Saturday Morning TV legends Trev & Simon.

“We all thought of Paterson immediately Trev & Simon wrote the role”, said producer Clare Eden.  “We all think he’s entirely brilliant as Johnson in Peep Show but in so many other productions too, starting from when we first saw him at the Royal Shakespeare Company. Whether it’s from UK series like Green Wing and Doctor Who; HBO’s The Leftovers or alongside Leonardo DeCaprio in Danny Boyle’s The Beach, we know our Mirthling fans will already love his work and be as delighted as we are that he’s coming onboard”. He’s currently performing in the U.S. with Sancho: An Act of Remembrance, written and performed by himself, and based on the life of Ignatius Sancho who, in 1774, became the first black Briton to vote in a British election.

Strangeness in Space is a completely fan funded production so once enough funds have been raised for Episode 4, you can look forward to hearing Paterson take on the role of a giant French robot, made entirely out of clockwork alien space puppies!

As with previous episodes you can also expect to hear another electro pop classic from Tilbury’s No.1 Synth Pop duo Pink Custard (AKA Trev & Simon); more daft Thorleigh’s product promotion, and more hilarious ramblings from its narrator ‘Bounty Flightingale’ played by the wonderful Doon Mackichan (Toast of London, Smack the Pony, The Day Today).

Episode 3 has also just been released and introduces Alexei Sayle, the godfather of alternative comedy, as ‘Keith Keys’. Along with very welcome returns from David Annen as ‘Jeremy’, Barnaby Edwards as ‘LE.M.O.N’, and Sarah Madigan as ‘M.A.D.I.’, in another fully 3D ‘watch it with your ears’ soundscape design by Dave Palser.

You can download all three episodes for FREE from and if you’d like to help get Episode 4 made check out   for a host of collector’s items, memorabilia and production perks (and badges!! We all love a BADGE!).

We’ve come so far now in this Strange journey and we’d love to be able to make “Pet Shock Boys” for you too.  Please, please help us spread the word, and if you’d like to hear more yourselves please see if any of our new perks take your fancy.  They’re all here!

Thanks for coming with us Mirthlings, we do so appreciate it!

Trev, Simon, Sophie and Clare x 

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