Strangeness in Space | Duvets, Really??
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Duvets, Really??

Duvets, Really??


Pledge £2,720 or more in our Kickstarter campaign and the unthinkable can happen… WE DO DO DUVETS!

Trev and Simon have ALWAYS maintained… “WE DON’T DO DUVETS!”

But… if you are prepared to pay the preposterous price of £2720 (the number of times Major Tim Peake orbited the Earth in the ISS) Trev and Simon will do duvets for up to four members of your family.

What does this mean?

Trev and Simon will create up to four bespoke duvet covers (double or single) for you and your household, each with a T&S or Strangeness design on it (we can make suggestions but the choice will be yours). They’ll even do matching pillows.

Then (as long as you live somewhere reasonably accessible and affordable travel-wise*) they will come to your house and make the beds.

Yes… it’s ridiculous… but it’s fun to see if it works!

Includes WORMHOLE Membership… this is a joke. Of course it does. Badges too! And other stuff!

(* If you live outside of the UK we may have to ask for travel money too!)

Please share this post Mirthlings – let’s see if we can find someone! And if that someone is you – click here!

seriously though, other Rewards are available in our campaign – starting at £3!! Something for Everyone….

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