Strangeness in Space | Jeremy! Meet David Annen….
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Jeremy! Meet David Annen….

Jeremy! Meet David Annen….

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David Annen: a serious actor

David is a serious actor and a long time friend of Trev and Simon.  When he was being less serious, David played in a punk pop band with Trev called SUCKER. In 2005, SUCKER played the John Peel Stage, at Glastonbury. Simon joined the band onstage for its final song, with two female dancers. Simon danced and played maracas, in a festival straw hat and plastic carrier bags tied over his shoes.

David 1

SUCKER – “We’re a garage band..!”

Trev’s mum once saw David naked in a play. Trev saw David and David’s wife naked in a play. David is often naked in plays. David kept his clothes on for the role of Jeremy in Strangeness in Space. Trev and Simon wanted him to play the part, not for his body but for his marvellous vocal skills. Although a serious actor, David also has a great sense of humour and a talent for improvised comedy, which they hoped he would bring to the role of Jeremy… and they weren’t disappointed. The role of Jeremy is fast becoming a key character in the series and there has even been talk of a spin off series, called Jeremy in Space. Actually, only David talked about this; the rest of us pretended not to hear him.

David designs The Tardis

Doctor Who fans might know David from An Adventure in Space and Time, in which David played the role of Peter Brachacki, the man credited for the original iconic look of the TARDIS interior. They might also know him from the (rather appropriately named) biopic Lennon Naked, in which David played alongside Doctor Who star, Christopher Ecclestone. Others might have seen him in Call the Midwife, Doctors and Midsomer Murders, but probably not all at the same time.

David caption

David on working on Strangeness in Space:I’ve been itching to work with these silly people again since my standout cameo performance as Fred The Man With No Head, live onstage with Trev and Simon in the late eighties… their stuff is good to perform, the humour is refreshingly inclusive and it’s always delightfully stupid”.

On working with Clare and Sophie: “Clare is a producing powerhouse, but she looks after us all just as efficiently, so there are biscuits! And as for Sophie, well, I’m a long time Who fan. If I stand near her and half close my eyes I can pretend we are preparing for our close-up in Remembrance of the Daleks…”

On playing Jeremy to Doon Mackichan’s Bounty Flightingale: “…I loved Smack the Pony, so as Doon’s comedy partner I can now claim to be the new Sally Phillips”.

“Bottom line: Science fiction AND comedy.  What’s not to like?  I love being a SISsie!”

It’s no surprise that David included the word “bottom” in the above quote but when he’s not being rude or playing Jeremy in Strangeness in Space, David is busy with other acting work of a very high calibre. He is currently in Richard III, alongside Ralph Fiennes and Vanessa Redgrave at the Almeida Theatre.

In the movies, David plays a psychiatrist in Mad To Be Normal with David Tennant and he plays the Prime Minister in The Foreigner with Jackie Chan… yes! Jackie Chan!

Jackie Chan in a film with David Annen

David Annen, profiled by Trevor Neal.

May 2016

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