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Coming Near You!

Coming Near You!

Come and say hello to us at one of these events so we can thank you personally!

NB: all are subject to other commitments: cancellations are never taken lightly but do sometimes need to happen.

Sat 28 Jan 2017: Sophie and Sylvester are both at Science of the Timelords in Leicester  and Artist Lee Sullivan will be there both Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th.

11 Feb: Lee Sullivan is at 2000AD 40th Anniversary. Hotel Novatel London West

17-19 Feb 2017: Sylvester and Sophie are both at Pensacon in Pensacola, Florida, USA

and Barnaby Edwards will be at Gallifrey One: 28 Years Later, in Los Angeles

 26 Feb: Sophie is at Burton Comic Con, Burton-on-Trent

4-5 Mar:   Sylvester is at Comic Con Rotterdam

17-19 March: Sophie is at Clarksville, Tennessee, USA

24-26 Mar:   Sylvester is at   (Re)GenerationWho Baltimore

8 April:     Both Sophie & Sylvester are at Sci Fi Scarborough

9 April: Sophie, Clare, Trev & Simon will all be at Stoke-CON-Trent

22-23 April: Sylvester is at German Comic Con, Frankfurt

20-21 May:   Sylvester is at Film & Comic Con Newcastle

3 June:   Sylvester, Sophie, Trev & Simon and Clare are ALL at Swindon Film & Comic Con

10-11 June: Sylvester is at Comic Con, Warsaw

28-30 July: Sylvester is at London Film & Comic Con

12-13 Aug: Sylvester is at Film and Comic Con Sheffield

27-28 Aug: Sylvester is at Stars of Time, Weston-super-Mare

2 Sept: Lee Sullivan is at EM-Con Leicester


23 Sept: Sylvester is at Comic Con Cardiff

1 Oct: Sophie and Sylvester are at Coventry Comic Con

13-15 Oct: Sylvester is at Time Lord Expo, Ohio

20-22 Oct: Sylvester is at Time Eddy, Kansas 


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