Strangeness in Space | Competition !
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Competition !

Competition !

we’re recording Strangeness in Space​ songs today – for the Episodes AND for those people who bought a song from Pink Custard (Tilbury’s No 1 Synth Pop duo) as a perk – they’ve been personally written as a tribute to those people …

So here’s YOUR challenge! 

A limerick in tribute to to our crew:  Trev, Simon, Sophie, L.E.M.O.N.  on ship or any of the production crew: Trev, Simon, Sophie, Clare & Dave

Encourage your children to join in too – and let your imaginations run wild  but remember IT’S A FAMILY SHOW!!  

Email to with your age and address – we’ll choose some winners to become members of The Wormhole (or something else if you already have that!) – we’re together on Sunday at Herne Bay (#SciFiByTheSea – come if you can!) so we can choose some winners together then.

We’re at the very long hours trying to finish-it-all-off stage, alongside getting all the perks out to everyone, so cheer us on with your ditties!

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