Strangeness in Space | Catching up! Scary babies, competitions, and… Jon Pertwee?
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Catching up! Scary babies, competitions, and… Jon Pertwee?

Catching up! Scary babies, competitions, and… Jon Pertwee?

Hello folks. Simon here with a quick catch up on what’s going on in the world of STRANGENESS in SPACE. Me and Clare went to Loughborough yesterday, to Great Central Railway, for a kind of sci-fi meets steam trains combo do (yes, such things exist!)

We were in the Waiting Room. All day. With a scary baby.It wasn’t all scary babies though. We also had a lot of visitors who took part in our drawing competition. The rules were simple; draw something to do with SPACE! An alien, a star, a space flower.

So… here’s the news. Watch this SPACE! We will put up the best pictures over the next few days and let you all vote on which are the best. And the winners will receive a STRANGENESS in SPACE special space bundle! Good luck to all those who entered.

And there’s more NEWS! Whilst there I was left alone with the SCARY BABY! The SCARY BABY made a film. This film is too scary for mass consumption. If you wish to see SCARY BABY film you will have to head over to the WormHole; our special members only zone, full of exclusive footage and behind the scenes news, photos, interviews, and videos.

Oh! And there’s even more news! All those who entered our exclusive Lee Sullivan competition to win a signed copy of Rivers of London… the draw has been done! And, get this, it was only drawn by the Doctor! The video of the Doctor performing the draw will go live in the WH shortly. Here’s a clue as to who the Doctor is.

So, lots going on over the coming days. Please keep checking in. Cheers, Simon x

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