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Black Hole Friday!

Black Hole Friday!

Hi all, Simon here. Some of you may have heard of Black Friday. It’s some kind of cynical shop thing to try and get you to buy more stuff before they try and get you to buy even more stuff as we get close to Christmas. What a scam! They’ve even started to do the Black Friday thing before we even get to Friday! Like on a Thursday. Wednesday even. What gives?

Well, you wouldn’t get us here at STRANGENESS in SPACE attempting any last two day tempter. Having said that, we do have BLACK HOLE FRIDAY!

So, here’s the deal… and lots of you have already been such fantastic supporters we just want to ask you to spread the word and help us reach our STTTTRRRREEEEETCHHHH! target! (See what I did? I stretched the word stretch!)… so please tell all your friends and let’s have a crazy last push and stretch to get Part 2 of our Finale funded as well!


ANYONE WHO CHOOSES A REWARD FOR £5 OR MORE ON BLACK HOLE FRIDAY, WILL GO INTO A DRAW TO WIN A ‘YOU TALKIN’ TO ME?’ REWARD (VALUED AT £50). There’s two up for grabs; one from me and Trev (Trev and I if you insist), and one from Sophie. This is your own personal video message where (within reason and decency) we’ll say whatever you want!  There’s a heap of Badges, Bags, Beanies and Bundles on our Kickstarter – and a load of other things which are also nice but don’t begin with B.

So do please share and do tell your friends. Thank you all x

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