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Best Dressed Mirthlings!

Best Dressed Mirthlings!

As we write this we are at 50% of our target for part 1 of our Season Finale!  Thank you Mirthlings!

Today we’re showcasing our ‘Best Dressed Mirthling’ Reward – have a look and see if you fancy having this and helping us edge even nearer the total….

You will get:

  • A T-shirt of your choice from our four designs
  • Our Strangeness in Space Beanie hat
  • A set of our Badges – you choose from our three sets
  • Our Strangeness in Space silicone wristband
  • A Tote Bag over your shoulder!

All you need to be the Space Bees Knees!

We’re going CRAZY and even throwing in WORMHOLE Membership… which you can’t wear.

Your name will go on our Roll of Honour and you’ll hear the finale before it’s on general release.

We’ll bundle it and reduce the price to £40 and you can find it in our Rewards on Kickstarter!

(Our T-shirts will be available in early 2017. If you wish to give one as a Xmas present we can supply you with a gift certificate).

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