Strangeness in Space | FAQs
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Is it a Radio Thing then?

No – it’s an audio series that you can easily download from this site, or from iTunes – for Free! – and then listen to on any of those many devices we all have nowadays!


What is “crowdfunding”?

“Perks” are offered for sale from which the proceeds fund a project. It might be cast signed artwork, or Tee-shirts… or it might be experiences like having your name read out in the series, or meeting the cast! It might even be becoming an Exec Producer!



I’d love to involved but I’m not rich!?

We have perks to suit all budgets, starting with badges and wristbands … ¬†every penny helps us get nearer to releasing Ep2 as well and is hugely appreciated!


How can we help?

Please please spread the word; buy a perk if you can, and tell all your friends. If you can’t help us fund it, even sharing news of it on your own social media pages helps us keep the word moving to new people!


I don’t live in the UK – will that matter?

Not at all! You’ll be able to buy perks from wherever in the universe you are, and we’d find a way to get it to you!