Strangeness in Space | Episodes
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STRANGENESS in SPACE is entirely crowd-funded: Mirthling fans bought perks to fund four episodes, and you can download them for FREE from this page.

Did you hear? Listeners nominated us in THREE categories in the Audio Verse Awards: Best Production, Best Actress (Sophie) and Best Comedy Script (Trev & Simon).  And The Guardian listed us on their “50 Podcasts You Need to Hear”! Scroll down Mirthling and try it yourself!

Episode 1

Trev and Simon and Sophie are stranded in space, drifting above the Planet Mirth, stuck on a space station with a computer robot called L.E.M.O.N. (Linguistically Enhanced Mobile Operations Network). Low on provisions, they head down to the planet to stock up…. Bad idea…. There’s a sofa storm coming (this is written by Trev & Simon so what did you expect?).
Keeping everything together (just) is their unreliable narrator, Bounty Flightingale;  and the voice of M.A.D.I. (Monographic Announcement Description Interface), she lets us know what’s what, and where’s where (when she can control her attitude problem).
So settle back and over to Jeremy in the studio…

Episode 2

Ep2 brings an unforeseen emergency for which they’ll need to find a cure! Meet the hairy scary Rhinocerbikers, led by Atrocious Knocious (Rufus Hound),  and the sinister Dr Scarifium (Peter Guinness).

Click here to listen.

Episode 3

Trev, Simon and Sophie have been stuck in space, orbiting Planet Mirth in their broken down spaceship, but how the heckers did they get up there in the first place? Now’s your chance to find out in an episode which also introduces Alexei Sayle as ‘Keith Keys’, a security guard with a penchant for the Bee Gees and Amuse Bouche’.

Click here to listen.

Episode 4

Trev & Simon embark on another mad mission to Planet Mirth with Sophie, to find the rightful owner of her beloved day-glow alien space pet… but soon wish they hadn’t!

And along the way Sophie gets an unexpected message from home! Paterson Joseph joins as The Puppymaster.

Click here to listen.

Filled with comedy and adventure, I recommend it to everyone.
- DaemonDan
An excellent fun audio that is suitable for the whole family.
Put this on in a car trip with the kids, you will all enjoy it.
- The_Doctor1982