Strangeness in Space | Finale Part 1: Home is Where the Heart Is
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Finale Part 1: Home is Where the Heart Is

‘Home is Where the Heart Is’,  written by Trevor Neal & Simon Hickson


Our Season Finale picks up from the cliffhanger at the end of Episode 4 – can Sophie’s Dad rescue her? How does he even reach her? And will he want to save Trev and Simon too! Our team of Spaceketeers is joined by Katy Brand, Sylvester McCoy and Sally Phillips.

Buckle up Mirthlings, it’s going to be an EPIC ride!

Sit back and ENJOY!

Welcome Aboard Mirthlings!  #Crowdfunding #TeamStrange

Finale Part 1: HOME IS WHERE THE HEART IS (35:22)

Episode Five is also available on iTunes.  If you listen there and like it, please leave a review there; iTunes really take notice of that and it will definitely make a difference.

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