Strangeness in Space | About Strangeness in Space
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About Strangeness in Space

This free-to-download series is written by, and stars, Trev & Simon who for a decade dominated Saturday morning TV with their mad and unpredictable world of comedy, sketches and silly games on BBC1’s Going Live! and Live & Kicking. They Didn’t Do Duvets, or Perms or Discs, but they Did Swing Their Pants!


What would happen if Sophie, the manager of a NASA Space Centre gift shop, and Trev and Simon, two idiots claiming to be a 1980s styled synth pop duo called Pink Custard, were thrown together with a computer robot called LEMON on board a damaged space craft, lost in a distant universe, orbiting Planet Mirth?


Strangeness would happen, that’s what!









Trev, Simon and Sophie were unwittingly rocketed into the extraordinary, surreal world of space! They’re racing into the future with a foot in the past (the nostalgic 1980’s to be precise). Along the way, fuelled by a diet of indigestible powdered space food, they encounter a whole host of unusual space dwellers and aliens.  All to a soundtrack from Trev & Simon’s alter-ego, the 80’s pop synch duo Pink Custard!



To keep things running on board the space ship, and for everything else, Trev and Simon and Sophie rely on their talking robot computer L.E.M.O.N. played for us by Barnaby Edwards.


Here’s L.E.M.O.N. by graphic artist Lee Sullivan and here is the story of how this design evolved, starting with Trev and a scrap of paper.


You mean it’s a BBC Radio Thingy?

No – it’s an audio series made by us independently, that you can download from this site, or from iTunes (for Free!) and listen to on any of those many devices we all have nowadays: smartphone, ipad, kindle, computer, mp3 player…

How come it’s FREE?

the series is crowd-funded – it has no commissioning body but kind people heard about it and bought “Perks”. They bought a whole host of memorabilia such as cast signed artwork, or Tee-shirts & badges as well as ‘experiences’ like having your name read out in the series, or an exclusive peek behind the scenes as we make it via The Wormhole, our members-only web area.

Can I still get those things?

yes – we want to make more Episodes but obviously it costs us to do so.  Anything you buy from our crowd-funding perks will help us make the next episode. We’re currently fundraising through Kickstarter – to make an epic two-part Season Finale for you so check out the Rewards here:-

I’d really love to help but I’m not rich?

We have perks to suit all budgets and every single penny helps us get nearer to making more episodes!  But also don’t forget that we don’t have a huge publicity budget so your help spreading the word is invaluable! Even if  you can’t help us fund it, sharing news of it on your own social media pages helps us keep the word moving to new people and makes you a very welcome part of the Mirthling community!

I don’t live in the UK – will that matter?

Not at all! You’ll be able to buy perks from wherever in the universe you are, and we’d find a way to get it to you!